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cremola's Journal

Cremola Rodriguez
7 November
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Name: Cremola Rodriguez

Age: 21

Country of origin: Cuba

Project/Scientist/Rebel: Rebel leader

Physical description: Cremola is of medium height and curvy, with naturally tanned skin and brown hair. She has brown eyes.

Personality: Cremola is the leader of the Rebels- the only Project to ever escape the lab. Because she escaped, the Project leaders view her as a threat and there is a significant price on her head. She is a very secretive person, reluctant to disclose any information about her past, and she trusts very few people. Cremola is losing her strength since escaping- she can no longer get her hands on the power-enhancing drugs administered to the Projects, so sometimes she has to rely on the other rebels to 'get the job done' for her.

Specialisation: Was once camoflague, but since escaping the project she has lost much of her ability.